Homeopathic Weight Loss Treatment

About one in three adults is obese. Overweight people have a greater chance of developing several diseases including diabetes, circulation problems, and hypertension, gout, heart disorders, heart attack and others. The excess weight can damage joints and cause osteoarthritis of the knees and hips.

The route problem, regardless of whether or not a thyroid is the problem, is caused by eating more food and drink than the body can use up in the energy. The surplus energy is then stored as fat. This means that either you are having trouble using your energy from your food, or you taking in too much energy from your food.

The Natural Doctor’s Recommendations

Generally, a simple crash diet is not the answer to obesity, as it can lead eventually to weight gain as the metabolic rate slows even further. A naturopath’s advice will be that increasing exercise at the same time as changing diet is important for speeding up your metabolism. Multivitamins should be taken to replace any lost nutrients.


For the type of person who is flabby and inclined to perspire a lot, the homeopathic remedy Calc.carb may prove helpful, especially if you have cravings for foods, particularly eggs. If water retention is there, try the homeopathic remedy Natrum mur. in the 6th potency twice daily for three weeks.

Acupuncture: this treatment is aimed at reducing the heightened appetite that springs from a weakened stomach-spleen system, by restoring the energy flow along the spleen meridian. Points on the stomach, spleen, heart and lung meridians may be treated. Treating ear points is said to even help overcome cravings for food. wholesale wegovy semaglutide injections for sale

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