Altering Your Luxury Branding to the Online Marketplace

Many manufacturer make the mistake of using the same luxury branding style online as they do in their store front locations. Online luxury brand marketing requires a totally different approach for a number of reasons. When a customer is physically visiting your store they can actually see and feel the quality of your merchandise for themselves. The quality of your product will be much more obvious and sales techniques require much less convincing the customer that the product truly is luxury quality. The sales process in person is much more about getting the customer to let go of reservations about spending the kind of funds that luxury products require.

Online however, your customer can’t see or touch your product. Even with the best quality photographs you are going to have to spend a large portion of the sales process convincing your customer that your wares are truly of luxury quality. It requires a whole different luxury branding style. From the moment the customer opens your web page, every detail need to be helping drive the brand impression you want into their mind. Many business owners make the mistake that the reputation of their brand name itself should be enough to carry their online presence, but this is far from the truth.

Sales copy on a luxury brand website needs to start out with strong passages that solidify the idea of quality in the customer’s mind. The internet is awash with cheaper shopping options. Finding knockoffs has never been easier. From the very beginning you need to remind the customer why quality should be their first consideration, not price. When a customer walks into a physical luxury store, chances are they are looking for a luxury product, but when they are on a luxury brands website they are likely comparing your product to similar ones of various qualities and prices.

Your online branding needs to force the customer to stop thinking about finding the best deal, as most people online are trying to do, and start them thinking about what is truly going to be the best product. You need to get them thinking about value for their money rather than bottom line price. There is no way you are going to accomplish this if you approach your online branding the same way you approach your brick and mortar operations. If you treat them the same your customers will simply move on to cheaper options of similar products. Luxury cars

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