Why Buy a Reusable Tumbler?

A reusable tumbler can help you save money and cut down on waste. They can also keep your drink at the right temperature, which can make a big difference if you have a hot cup of coffee. Plus, they’re usually made with less mineral resources and fossil fuels, compared to disposable cups. They’re a great addition to your sustainable lifestyle, especially when you find bottles and mugs that support fair trade practices.

Disposable coffee cups are a major problem for the environment, resulting in more trash in landfills and adding plastic pollution to oceans. Each person throws away 23 pounds of waste from coffee cups in a year. Switching to a reusable cup can prevent this environmental damage. The best reusable tumblers are made from durable materials that can hold hot and cold drinks. You can also choose a tumbler that’s double-walled or vacuum-insulated, so your drinks will stay warm or cold for longer.

The Stanley Quencher, a 40-ounce travel mug that sells for $40, has been seen on the hands of many millennials and Gen Z’ers, as well as influencers who post photos of their collections online. It became a must-have item among outdoor enthusiasts because of its rugged exterior, easy-to-use lid and attractive colors. It was a hit on the outdoorsy social media site TikTok, where it appeared in more than 10 million posts with the hashtag #StanleyTumbler. It was also a top seller on the resale app Poshmark.

Despite its popularity, the Quencher is still a newer product and has had its ups and downs. The 109-year-old Stanley, which specializes in camping gear and outdoor accessories, stopped producing it in late 2019 because of slow sales and the demand for other products. The company also decided to focus on other products, such as a new backpack, that it considered more “priority” from a production and marketing standpoint.

While it may be tempting to buy cheap products that seem like a good deal, they typically use low-quality plastic and have a high ecological impact. The production process they undergo often destroys communities and land on other parts of the world, so it’s important to choose a bottle or mug that supports sustainable practices. The best reusable bottles are made from stainless steel and recycled plastic, which reduces the amount of harmful chemicals used in their production.

Starbucks’ reusable cup program was temporarily paused during the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, and they resumed it in June 2021 with some changes. Customers now bring in their own clean reusable cup and the barista uses it to make their beverage. The cups must be a certain size and have an attached lid to prevent contact between the customer and the barista during the service.

Using a reusable cup at Starbucks will give you a discount on your drink, which is a win for both the environment and your wallet. The discount is small but it can add up over the course of a year.

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