What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is a holistic approach to promoting balance and wellness. It incorporates principles from quantum physics to address issues on a physical, mental and emotional level. This type of healing is becoming increasingly popular as people are seeking holistic solutions to their health issues.

Deepak Chopra created quantum healing in the 1980s by merging mind-body medicine concepts with ideas from TM, Transcendental Meditation, and Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system that sees health as a balance of body, mind, and spirit. He believes that the power of conscious thought and awareness, combined with knowledge of quantum physics, is linked to certain forms of quick, dramatic healing in the human body—what he calls miracles.

While mainstream science is still determining how quantum healing works, practitioners believe that it involves redirecting life-force energy—known as chi in Chinese or prana in Sanskrit—to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. This energy can be transferred through the hands of a practitioner or channeled through a variety of breathing and visualization techniques.

A key concept in quantum healing is non-locality, which refers to the fact that objects and people can exist outside of space and time and can communicate with each other across distances. Another aspect is downward causation, which suggests that the consciousness of a person who performs a healing act can affect the health of the subject, even though the healer is not physically present. While the scientific community is skeptical about quantum healing, many people who have used it say that it has improved their quality of life. If you’re interested in trying this form of therapy, consider working with a qualified practitioner like Dr. Guita Balakhane to learn how quantum healing can help you create positive shifts in your life. what is quantum healing

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