What Is a Portable Water Pump?

As the name suggests, portable water pump is equipment that can be transported between locations. They are typically lighter and smaller than mounted or permanently installed pumps, making them more mobile. They are also easier to position precisely for dewatering jobs, which can be critical in flooded areas and other applications where the goal is to pump out water from an area quickly.

These pumps can be fueled by gas, diesel, electric or solar power. They are often designed to handle a variety of conditions, including floods, storm drain back-ups, groundwater seepage and even wastewater removal in industrial environments.

In addition to residential uses, such as removing excess water from basements or backyards, portable water pumps are used by firefighting companies to move water at the scene of a fire. Water damage restoration experts use them to remove harmful standing water quickly in large buildings, basements and other areas. They are also useful for sewage cleanup, drainage and other debris removal efforts.

Choosing the right water pump size and type can help you get the job done efficiently and effectively. When comparing different types of pumps, consider factors such as the flow rate, size and weight of the pump and whether it is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

If you are unsure about which portable water pump to choose, contact a Cat Rental Store near you to speak with a rental expert who can provide advice and guidance on selecting the correct equipment for your needs. Renting your pump equipment offers a flexible, affordable solution that gives you access to complex machinery that you may not have otherwise had the budget for.

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