What is a Conservatory

A conservatory is a room that has been designed as a resting room and a place to enjoy some sunshine. Conservatories have been a feature in many UK homes for centuries. There are different types of conservatories and conservatory styles. The best material to build a conservatory with is wood, the best type being oak, cedar, fir, maple and mahogany. The most common conservatory design types are Victorian, Georgian, gabble front, Box gutter, corner infill and Edwardian designs.

The Victorian types of conservatories come in tow styles. The three facet design which is the most common type of conservatory type and the five facet design which is equally popular but it is more rounded that the three facet conservatory. Generally, most Victorian conservatories are characterized by aluminum works on both the inside and outside. The finishing can also be made of polished wood. They also offer a number of security options that include fixed and dual multiple locks as well as child secure locks. The rooms are also fitted with thermal panels and casement or grill windows. Victorian conservatories are suitable for all kinds of houses, traditional and modern.

Georgian conservatories are characterized by big rooms built to provide ample space. The walls are made of glass. This provides an energy saving solution because they prevent heat loss. Their roofs and are usually insulated and the windows are normally interlocked. The security is enhanced by child proof knobs on the doors which are also fitted with a double locking system this type of conservatory is suitable for a modern home. Edwardian designs of conservatories are usually often have a ceiling made from stained glass and one that is vaulted. They are usually built parallel to the main house and have a 45° corner facet. These types of conservatories look good with the more traditional houses.

If you are operating on a tight budget, then the best type of conservatory for you would be the lean-to. This is a highly cost effective style that is characterized by a mono pitch roof. The rooms are usually rectangular or squire in shape. This type is also suitable for homes that have restrictive heights. Another cost effective type of conservatory is the Corner Infil which only requires two walls. The gable front types are characterized by steeply built roofs and are suitable for conventional types of houses. The box gutter type, as the name suggests, shares a gutter system with the main house.

Always go for the type of conservatory that will enhance the style of your home. Combining a variety of conservatory types will enhance the style of your home. Choose a conservatory type or style that complements the design of your home. A good and comfortable conservatory will enable you to enjoy your sun basking moments with pleasure. replacement conservatory roof

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