What are Omni Military Loans?

Omni Military Loans is a lending service for men and women who have served in any branch of the military, including the Coast Guard. Omni Military Loans focuses on providing personal loans to service members to help them pay bills, go on vacation or on leave from duty, for car repairs, or any other type of situation they may find themselves facing.

Omni Military Loans also offer personal loans to individuals holding a Power of Attorney for a service member who is deployed in active duty. Omni Military Loans understands that any number of situations may arise that require you to have a certain amount of funds available. Omni makes it easy and quick to acquire the money you need when you need it the most. Completing a loan application with Omni is easy as well.

Omni Military Loans has offices in the Unites States, Germany, Spain and in Italy. You can also apply online or on the telephone. Omni also understands that with the military travelling often may sometimes be necessary. Therefore, they offer full service of your account online and by telephone. You are always able to view your account statements online, or if you are stationed for a certain period of time and opt to have statements mailed to you, you can contact the customer service department and request that the statements be mailed to you at the address you provide.

Omni does not require any loan processing fees be paid in order to submit your loan application. You also have the option to choose one of the various debt protection plans that Omni offers. There are several different debt protections plans due to the various circumstances that military service men and women face on practically a daily basis. This way, if anything were to happen to the military borrower, their debt would be considered fully satisfied and the family would not find themselves faced with the responsibility of the debt.

Interest rates will vary on Omni Military Loans based on the credit history of the applicant. Annual percentage rates (APRs) range anywhere from 9.95% to 34.95%. Just like any other type of loan, an applicant with excellent credit will most likely receive an interest rate much lower than the applicant who has experienced some credit problems. Either way, Omni Military Loan Officers will do everything within their power to get the applicant approved for a military loan.

Refinancing an existing loan with Omni Military Loans is also a possibility. Depending on the size of the original loan, a certain number of payments should be made before re-applying for an additional loan. However, if an applicant chooses to re-apply for an additional loan, the balance of the original loan is refinanced into the second loan. Therefore, the applicant is only making one loan payment.

You can repay your loan easily through military allotment payments. Omni Military Loans actually recommends that payments are made through your allotment because you will be making your payment worry free each time they are due. By using allotment payment, you will not have to make special trips to the mailbox, there are no checks to write and you will never have to worry about late fees. The allotment service company which issues your regular allotment will send the exact amount of your payment directly to Omni Military Loans by the first of each month. Not only will your payments be made hassle free, but you will be building for yourself a good credit history with Omni. Explore the benefits and advantages that Omni Military Loans has to offer you today. omnivoid ai

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