Video Editor SDK

Video Editor SDK is a comprehensive and easy-to-use video editing toolkit for mobile and desktop apps. It provides the latest GPU technologies and supports all main platforms including iOS/Mac with Metal API, Windows with DirectX12 and Android with OpenGL ES 3.2.

Enhance user engagement with the fastest and most powerful video editing features in mobile applications. Speed up development, shorten release cycles and deliver high quality video experiences that match your brand image and tone.

Create professional looking videos with a simple tap by using an intuitive interface, extensive filter gallery and advanced adjustment tools. Crop, flip and rotate videos for a variety of social aspect ratios. Apply state-of-the-art filters to create a cinematic mood.

Make videos a unique feature of your application with built-in stickers, frames and overlays. Overlay text, gifs and animation stickers to boost user engagement.

Empower users to create stunning videos by blending radial, mirrored and gaussian blur effects. Over 60 filters for any mood and atmosphere let users choose the perfect look for their videos.

Easily add music and set the mood with customizable audio. Arrange multiple clips to create immersive video collages with rich transition styles to switch between each clips.

ComVideoKit empowers you to build video editors that inspire and engage your app’s users. It is a comprehensive solution to create travel itinerary, video-based e-commerce product videos and more.

Increase customer bookings and engagement by enabling your app’s travel agents and travelers to easily create travel itinerary videos with flights, hotels and local attractions. Use videos to showcase a variety of products, promote e-commerce sales and increase average order values with detailed product imagery.

Empower your users to customize their videos by adding stickers, effects and overlays in an intuitive and fun UI. The video editor module offers a powerful functionalities such as clip, resize, merge, rotate, playback and split audio stream, allowing users to edit the most beautiful and meaningful footages in your app. Meicam alternatives

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