Vampire Academy The Movie?

Vampire Academy is a series written by Richelle Mead. It contains 6 books, with the last one said to be released on Dec. 7th 2010. It is an incredibly popular book, and for those that have not read it yet, but love Vampire Books, you should really get your hands on it.

In fact, it is so popular that this series has been optioned out for a movie. It hasn’t been picked up yet, but their are people working on find producers and all the like to get this going. For many of Richelle’s fans this is a dream come true. The books are amazing, and a movie would be wonderful. Richelle has put in a great deal of detail into the characters of this book, and you can really fall in love with them.

Recently, I have found that Facebook has a page especially for the Vampire Academy Movie. Their are already so many eager fans putting in their two scents on the subject. Discussions on who should be cast are a frequent read over there. In addition, Richelle Mead has even been interviewed multiple times about the possibility of a movie, and while she is pretty vague on the subject, you can really tell that she is super excited that people really love her books.

Currently, the 6th book is due to be the last book, but Richelle states on her website that their is a spin off in the making, which includes many of the original characters from the book. I will be looking for this in the future, as her books really seem to be some of the best vampire books I have ever read! Thanks Richelle for this wonderful series! turquli serialebi

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