Types of Fire Pumps for Sale

Fire suppression systems rely on quality fire pumps for sale to pressurize water to distribute throughout a building or space, protecting people and property from the effects of flames. Unlike standard plumbing, fire pumps are capable of reaching higher pressure levels (measured in psi and bar) to help meet the water demand required by most sprinkler systems, which typically require high volumes of water at high speeds.

In addition to high-pressure capability, these pumps also feature quick-release pump clamps and interchangeable pumps to minimize equipment downtime. They also come with a combination nozzle that allows users to switch between a straight stream and cone spray easily and quickly. These features make Indian Metal backpack fire pumps the perfect choice for firefighters who need a reliable piece of equipment that is durable, efficient and easy to operate.

The selection of fire pumps for sale at Feld Fire is extensive, offering a variety of sizes, capabilities and water capacities. This assortment makes it possible to find a portable fire pump that is ideal for any water-based system design.

This article provides a brief overview of the different fire pump types to help designers determine the best unit for their specific application. The different types of fire pumps are defined by how their motors are housed within the casing and what they are able to do with their available water supply.

Multistage multiport pumps use a single driver, which can be either an electric or diesel engine, to connect to a pump with multiple impellers in a series inside the single casing. Each port, or discharge outlet, delivers a different level of pressure from the consecutively increasing series of impellers. These are the most versatile type of fire pump and offer a wide range of capacity and pressure requirements.

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