Top Interior Designers in Greenwich, CT

Greenwich is a beautiful town on the eastern side of New York City. It is home to luxe homes, upscale Interior design services and an idyllic getaway destination. If you are looking to move into a Greenwich property, or you already live there and are thinking of renovating your home, it is best to consult with a Greenwich Interior Designer first.

There are a number of top interior designers in Greenwich, CT who can help you create the space you have always wanted. These professionals will help you design your dream home while ensuring it meets all of your needs.

Beth Krupa is a Greenwich-based interior designer who believes that the most important thing when designing a space is to capture your unique lifestyle and personality. Her designs are both inspiring and sophisticated, blending timeless classics with fresh contemporary elements for a look that is at once elegant and comfortable.

Lee Ann Thornton was born in Connecticut and raised in New York and Los Angeles. With a background in both architecture and interior design, Thornton has seamlessly merged her influences and created her original, signature style. She has won numerous awards for her designs and has completed projects in Greenwich, New York, Florida, Rhode Island and Nantucket.

D2 Interieurs is a Greenwich-based residential and commercial interior design firm that blends fresh, modern and “perfectly current” with a proven approach to design. D2 is renowned for creating sophisticated, chic, family friendly environments that are matched to each client’s lifestyle and taste.

Marcia Tucker is an interior designer in Greenwich, CT who fuses traditional English elegance with contemporary European influences to create thoughtful and original concepts for each client. Using color, shape, texture and light to reveal organic landscapes within, Marcia transforms homes into authentic living spaces radiating a classic richness and warmth.

Sandra Morgan & Laird Morgan Tolan is a Greenwich-based mother-and-daughter duo that has been in business for over 25 years and has a branch office in Vero Beach, Florida. The mother-and-daughter team specializes in contemporary and fresh interiors that bring a new and charismatic look to every room they design.

The mother-and-daughter team is also known for fusing antique and art with high fashion and design to create an outstanding new look for their clients. They are a popular choice for fine luxury homes in Connecticut and have been featured in many interior design magazines.

Deborah von Donop is a Greenwich-based interior design consultant and educator in the industry. She writes on design resources and offers a series of useful guides to help homeowners create their ideal interiors.

Jack Montgomery is a Greenwich-based interior decorator who is known for creating bold, livable spaces that are undeniably chic. With over 150 completed projects, his signature look is a mix of vintage and modern that is both aesthetically pleasing and completely livable.

Whether you are looking to remodel your existing Greenwich home or build from the ground up, these top interior designers can assist you with every step of the process. Ensure that you have an open dialogue with the designer and make sure that they understand your expectations from the beginning of the project. In addition, be clear about your budget and the services you need. This will make the project go smoothly and help you to avoid costly mistakes.

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