The MK Bucket Bag is a Must-Have For Every Woman

A must-have for every woman, a bucket bag is a sleek silhouette with plenty of room for all your essentials. Whether you’re jetting off for the weekend or simply need a spacious catch-all for your everyday wardrobe, our collection includes styles that fit any occasion. Choose a large logo stripe tote or a slim leather shoulder bag. Some even have a detachable strap, so you can switch between a crossbody or top handle.

Bucket bags came back into fashion in the mid-2010s thanks to Mansur Gavriel’s iconic cinched leather design, but this is one silhouette that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, it was among the coveted trends we saw on the spring runways this year.

The versatile bucket bag is a great choice for everyday wear because its wide, round top offers easy access to all your belongings, unlike the black hole of oversized tote silhouettes. Its minimal look also shines in both dark winter colors and light flirty spring patterns.

To keep your bag in excellent condition, always take care of it and treat it with the proper cleaning products. Aim to avoid rough surfaces that could scratch or mark the surface of your bag. When shopping for a designer bag, check that the metal hardware isn’t scratched or tarnished. Also, make sure that the leather isn’t discolored or cracked. Avoid surface dying techniques, which can leave a pinprick hole in the leather. If the interior leather is a different color than the exterior, it may be fake. MK bucket bag

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