The Claddagh Ring of Love and Lore

The Irish have given the world many things and none as amazingly beautiful as claddagh rings. The ring dates back to the time of Queen Mary II. Its rich history has been the backbone of many romantic events and legends including appearances in modern lore and movies. The claddagh style, in general, is a ring of silver, gold, or other metal with no gemstone or setting. Two hands clasping a crowned heart recognize the style. Each portion of the ring has a special symbolism that makes the ring as a whole as unique as the history surrounding it.

The legend of this amazing Irish styled ring is said to be a story love. The design in and of itself is a symbol of love which makes it a beautiful portion of any wedding ceremony or engagement event. The hands, appearing on either side of the band, represent the offering of service. The heart as a token of love and the crown as loyalty complete the design. These meanings are vows of love that have stood the test of time. Even the placement of how it is worn has symbolism. When worn on the right hand with the crown facing in it means that the person is taken. If the crown is facing out then the person is free for dating. If the band is worn on the left hand with the crown facing away from the person then they are engaged, however, if it is facing towards the bearer then it symbolizes marriage.

These symbols of beauty and love everlasting are found in many fine metals such as gold, silver, and even titanium. There are variations of the design ranging from the incredibly traditional to the outlandishly inspired art pieces. Many of the claddagh rings can be formed to hold a heart shaped stone setting in the stone of the buyer’s choice. Claddagh variations can also be found to include full ring sets consisting of men’s, women’s, couples, children’s, and even matching ensemble sets. Vintage rings are also available and can be set apart from later models by the signature of the ring maker.

Claddagh rings are as individual as the person buying them is. They can be formed in custom metal or engraved for any occasion. Regardless of the style or fit, the buyer is looking for they are sure to find just the claddagh that is right for them and for their intended love. Ringsmaker

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