Step by Step Procedure Done by a Boiler service

Do you want to increase the lifespan of your boiler? Or else want to minimize the risk of breaking down of it? If your answer is yes, then I know somehow that you are thinking of asking help from a boiler service. But I know for sure you are having doubts of the legality and the safeness of the person or company that would render you the service. So, here is your quick guide or the step by step procedures done by a boiler service. I hope this guide will give you an idea on how they carried out there service and would eventually give you a peace of mind.

1st Step: Visual Checking or Inspection      

Visual checking or inspection is one by a heating engineer. They will check or inspect if your boiler is at its right position and if it complies with the safety regulations in the electrical, gas and building. Even if your boiler has passed the previous inspection or checking, it is still subjected to change. Therefore, visual checking must be done regularly in order to comply with the certain changes.

2nd Step: Control Check     

After the visual checking, the pre-service control checking is to be followed by the heating engineer. This checking includes the operations and control of your boiler before the boiler’s case is removed.

3rd Step: Boiler Check     

The important step in the boiler service is now the checking of the boiler’s element. Here are the following parts of the boiler that has to be checked: Heat exchanger, main burner, main injector, seals, spark centre probe, fan, the electrics that shows a sign of overheat, flue terminal, and the gas and water joints on all pipe work.    

After checking, the heating engineer will now clean the boiler by removing any debris and dust that built up already. With the help of a flue gas analyzer, the heating engineer will now test the efficiency of the boiler. The flue gas analyzer is used to check flue gases that is combusted and is able to determine if the boiler is excreting a harmful chemical like the carbon monoxide, which does not meet the specifications for manufacturers. But take note, in a boiler service, it is not necessary to dismantle or removed the heat exchanger for as long as it passed the efficiency test. After that, for the finale, the heating engineer will now inspect for any leakage with the use of a gas tightness test.

4th Step: Making the Service Report     

The last step for a boiler service to do is to make a service report. If there are any problems encountered by the heating engineer while doing the checking or inspection, it must be reported to you and they will tell you right away for there’s any additional cost if an extra service is has to be made. They will explain you with the service report that they make before they will ask you to sign on anything. tap repair near me

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