Sports Grip Socks

Designed with a special non-slip grip on key contact areas of the foot, sports grip socks are typically worn under a normal sock. They offer a great deal of support to the foot, especially during high-intensity activities such as running and fast changes in direction, allowing your foot to move freely without sliding up and down in your shoes or causing friction against the soles of the shoe.

The grippy material of these types of socks can also reduce internal movement, which means that your feet will stay more stable and there is less chance of blistering when playing your favourite sport. When paired with breathable soft stretchy fabrics, these grip socks can keep your feet comfortable and sweat-free for longer periods of time.

Grip socks can also help with injury prevention, as the extra traction will stop your feet from slipping inside your shoes. If your foot slips inside your shoe, this can cause you to lose balance and control of the rest of your body as you move, and could potentially lead to a fall or a injury.

The traction pads found in grip socks are typically shaped like fine silicone arrows, and generate a ‘Grip: IN’ action that prevents your foot from slipping up and down inside your shoe. The traction is located on the inner side of the sock and around the heel. This helps with the lateral and vertical movements that occur inside shoes during 90% of sports. Many rugby players will cut off the foot section of their official team socks, and then wear a pair of grip socks under them. This allows them to enjoy the benefits of these specialised sock products, even if their rugby team changes kit suppliers or they get promoted from the academy! sports grip socks

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