Sitting and Driving After BBL Surgery

BBL surgery is becoming increasingly popular as an effective method to enhance the buttocks with minimal recovery time. Nonetheless, it is still important to understand the risks associated with such an operation. In particular, patients are advised against sitting or driving for an extended period of time after a Brazilian bum lift surgery. This article discusses the implications of driving after bbl surgery, as well as how to avoid such complications.

Sitting or Driving After BBL Surgery
The main reason why it is not safe to drive after a BBL procedure is that sitting on the buttocks will squish and suffocate the newly transferred fat cells. While this is bad when you’re just sitting down, it becomes even worse while driving. When you push down on the pedals, the force is transmitted back through the buttocks and lower back into those fat cells. This suffocates and squishes the cells and reduces the effectiveness of the procedure.

The best option is to have someone drive you around for a week after your procedure. If you must be on your own, then it’s important to use the pillow we give you after surgery and sit with your knees bent. Alternatively, you can put a rolled up towel under your thigh to take pressure off the buttocks while you sit. You can also sleep on your back, as this distributes weight evenly. Be sure to take pain medication as needed and keep an eye out for signs of infection or complications, like unusual swelling or redness, foul odor, excessive oozing or fever. what’s a skinny bbl

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