Restaurant Labels – More Than Just a Kitchen Organization Hack

Restaurant Labels
The right kitchen labeling system will make your restaurant more efficient and reduce the risk of foodborne illness. But these labels are more than just a kitchen organization hack – they’re a requirement by the FDA. Having an accurate labeling system that reflects the needs of your restaurant will give you long-term benefits and save you money along the way.

For example, if you have a food rotation process in place, accurately labeling your storage containers with the day of the week will help you identify and use foods before they go bad, saving you money on food waste. You can also use food labels to help you forecast your inventory. If you know that tomatoes will expire in two days, you can create menu items to highlight them and sell them before they spoil.

In addition to improving food safety, accurate date stickers will also reduce your restaurant’s costs by preventing food-related illnesses in your patrons. If you serve food past its prime, it could lead to diarrhea or vomiting – both of which are costly for your business.

Ultimately, it is unclear what impact, if any, the national menu labeling requirement will have on consumer food choices. It is possible that people will notice the calorie information and consume less energy from restaurants, but more research on both long-term consumption patterns and restaurant responses is needed. In the meantime, we hope that the FDA’s final guidance will help covered establishments achieve high levels of compliance with the new menu labeling requirements. restaurant labels

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