Paper Quilling Art – A Creative Outlet For Kids and Adults

In a world of endless options for arts and crafts, one type of creative outlet that can offer kids and adults alike an opportunity to express their creativity is paper quilling. Paper quilling is a form of coiling and shaping strips of paper to create three-dimensional works. It’s a great way for kids to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while also developing a sense of accomplishment with each project they complete.

Paper quilling can be used for a variety of purposes, from creating unique greeting cards and ornaments to designing scrapbook pages and photo frames. The recent resurgence of the craft has also introduced advanced techniques and special sized paper that can be used to create 3D miniatures, flowers, abstract art and portraits.

Artists like Yulia Brodskaya make use of quilling to celebrate nature and people, using colors that play with our idea of reality. For example, she uses blues and purples to portray skin while contrasting them with the natural colors of flowers. Her work is whimsical and delightful to look at.

A key aspect of paper quilling is learning how to properly seal and protect your creations. This is important not only for longevity but to keep your pieces looking as fresh and beautiful as possible. You can achieve this by using a clear acrylic spray or even a product that is specifically designed for quilling. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully so that your piece doesn’t get soggy or warped in the process! Paper Quilling Art

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