Mould Remediation London – 6 Key Reasons That Mould Grows in Your Home

Mould is not just unsightly and disgusting to look at, it can also be very dangerous – especially for asthma sufferers. As a result it’s important to know the six key reasons that mould grows in your home so you can act quickly if you spot any.

Moisture is the most common cause of black mould in homes. This can be caused by leaking pipes, floods or water ingress from the roof or guttering as well as general condensation and poor ventilation. The longer damp conditions are present the more likely mould spores will grow.

As with any organism, mould spores require food to survive and thrive. Outside, they find their food in organic debris and vegetation. Indoors, mould spores can feed on dust, dirt or organic material such as wood panels, wall paper and fabric. They can also be nourished by wall insulation and drywall.

Mould spores are airborne and can be carried from room to room by normal air circulation. If they are present in a room for an extended period of time, they can cause a range of health issues including headaches, coughing and breathing problems. The spores can also affect children and elderly people, especially those suffering from allergies or asthma. mould remediation london

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