Joe Tippens Protocol – Does it Really Work?

The joe tippens protocol is an unconventional cancer treatment that involves using a dog dewormer. It has drawn a lot of skepticism, but since Joe Tippens started using it, his cancer has been completely eradicated, making doctors scratch their heads and people all around the world raise their eyebrows.

Tippens was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given only three months to live. When he was told to start hospice, he refused and instead decided to try something that would give him the best chance of living. He found out that a scientist at Merck Animal Hospital had used the same canine medicine on her stage four brain cancer and she was able to cure herself of the disease. This was the inspiration for his Joe Tippens Protocol, which he later added curcumin and CBD oil to.

The main ingredient in the joe tippens protocol is fenbendazole, which is used to treat parasites and worms in animals (common brand names include Pancur and Safe-Guard). However, it is also known to work in humans with cancer. Studies have shown that fenbendazole has anticancer properties by disrupting microtubules, stabilizing p53, and interfering with glucose uptake in cancer cells.

In a study conducted by The Oncologist, researchers asked a total of 63 patients about their experience with fenbendazole. The results showed that 62.8% of the patients followed the Joe Tippens protocol by taking fenbendazole every weekday for five consecutive days, with a break in between. The other participants were unsure of the frequency of their fenbendazole intake. joe tippens protocol

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