How to Use a Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is one of the most important tools for getting a great-looking blowout. The right model can help your hair look smoother and healthier, while keeping it sleek and voluminous. But not all models are created equal. Some are easier to use than others, while some have advanced technologies that reduce frizz and static and enhance shine.

The electrical motor and fan blade in a hair dryer are pre-assembled at the factory, and then they are fitted into the plastic shell along with copper wiring, switching mechanisms, and other components. The electrical components are then connected to each other using screws and pins that line up in the bottom half of the plastic shell, called a “shell hand.”

Many hair dryers have a cold air setting that helps close the hair cuticles and give your hair a natural hold. The best way to use this feature is to first dry your hair with warm or hot air and then finish off with the cold air, which will help your style stay in place and prevent frizz.

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