How to Promote Property Listings

Many real estate agents use the MLS to promote property listings, but there are creative ways to reach more leads and build your professional brand. Branding a listing is similar to branding your business: You want to present it as a distinct entity with its own style and personality to make it stand out and attract buyers. This can be done through a number of tactics, but you may also consider creating a single property website or landing page dedicated to that listing, as this makes it easy for leads to access information.

If you have a great property listing, work with an experienced photographer to create high-quality images that showcase the listing’s best selling points. Be sure to include photos that capture the property’s interior and exterior, as well as any unique features. Keep in mind that MLS rules limit the number of images that can be uploaded, so you may need to save additional pictures in your file system. To maximize SEO value, create a photo caption that includes the address of the listing as well as keywords associated with it.

Another way to generate more views for your listing is to use social media to promote it. Use Facebook and Instagram to highlight the property’s best features and amenities in a post, and share it with your sphere of influence. Some agents create a specific Facebook page for each listing, which makes it easy to share updates about the property.

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