How to Check the Status of Your Tax Return Online

A Steuererklärung Hattingen is a declaration filled by an individual or entity declaring the amount of income earned and taxes to be paid to the Government or to the Tax Relief Organisation (TRA). The completion of this documentation enables you to see whether you are due a refund.

It is also a good idea to file your tax returns on time so that you can avoid any penalties or interest charged by the government. This is possible only if you report all your sources of income and keep all your documents like Form 26AS your bank statements, tax deducted at source (TDS) certificates neatly arranged so that you do not arrive at wrong figures while filing the return. Moreover, disclosing all your income and submitting all the necessary documents in one go reduces your chances of making errors while preparing your return.

You can check the status of your ITR online through a simple process. To do this, visit the e-filing website of HMRC and log in using your PAN number, ITR acknowledgement number and captcha code. Once logged in, you can find the tab “ITR Status” on the extreme left of the home page. Simply click on it and a new window will appear asking you to enter details like your ITR number, captcha code and the date of submission. The system will then show you the current status of your ITR, i.e., ‘Verified’ or ‘ITR Processed’.

If your ITR is verified, you will get the message that your return has been processed and accepted. If it hasn’t, then you will need to submit the information again and re-verify it. In such a scenario, it is advisable to opt for an e-filing portal that offers easy-to-understand software.

A refund estimator can help you understand how much your tax refund is likely to be, which is a crucial factor in working the Baby Steps and kicking debt to the curb. It can also help you avoid banking on a bigger refund than is actually coming your way, and can warn you if you’re likely to owe money this year. The best part? It’s free. Plus, it comes with SmartAsset’s 100% Accurate Expert-Approved Guarantee. If you pay a penalty or interest because of a TurboTax error (limitations apply), we’ll cover it. See our terms for details.

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