How to Avoid a Bad Hair Salon or Beauty Parlour Experience

The beauty industry has been described as one of the recession proof industries. New hair salons and beauty parlours spring up from time to time, offering seemingly great deals to bring in new customers and established salons use deals to tempt back old ones. Although some of these deals look great, it is very important to look at much more than price when deciding whether to use a new salon.

There are some obvious visual signs to look out for in a salon or beauty parlour. First and foremost, is the salon clean? Although the average hair style will usually end with a little mess (trimmed hair ends on the floor etc) this should be cleaned up quickly and efficiently. If you find yourself being shown to a seat that is covered in “evidence” of the previous customer, you will know you are not in a top quality hair salon. It is also a major no-no for a salon to use dirty equipment; rusty scissors can be dangerous, improperly cleaned equipment such as hood hairdryers or wash basins can be unhygienic and wet floors can be a slip or trip hazard. If you feel uneasy about the environment, think twice about putting yourself into it, or you may not get the relaxing experience you crave.

When you go to visit the salon, check whether or not there plenty of customers and if they look happy? If not, why not? If it is a new salon, it may be more acceptable that there are only a few customers, as they are still trying to build up a client base, however if you visit an established hair salon and see very few customers, there must be a reason why. If the salon has a guestbook, read some of the comments. If an established salon has very few comments at all or no guestbook, this can be as damning as reading a couple of bad comments. People are often embarrassed to write bad comments in a guestbook, and a salon that knew it was going to receive bad comments might not even risk using one at all.

The attitude of staff in a salon is the one of the most important things. Part of their job is to make customers feel welcome, and to make them as relaxed as possible. Polite, happy staffs are of the utmost importance in any customer facing business, and hair salons are no exception. Rude, unhappy staff do not give off the image of radiance and beauty that salons are striving to promote. People who are unhappy in their place work are often in a bad working environment and they will be less inclined to do their best work.

As a customer, it is in your interest to have an enjoyable experience at the hair salon or beauty parlour. Whilst these tips can help you avoid a bad salon experience, it is always best to follow your gut instinct or to do some homework before booking an appointment at a new salon. Pedicure Chairs

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