Health Benefits of Talbina

Talbina is a soothing broth made from barley flour and has many healing properties. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recommended it to his followers and there are numerous ahadith that support its merits. It soothes the heart, gives relief from distress and helps in regaining one’s poise. It also helps in boosting energy levels.

Barley is rich in a variety of nutrients, including B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, copper, dietary fibre and antioxidants. It also contains soluble fibre, which is great for reducing cholesterol and glucose levels and lowering the risk of heart disease. It is a good source of protein, calcium, potassium and zinc, which are important for bone health.

Milk, on the other hand, is a rich source of calcium, protein and vitamin D. It is also low in fat, making it a good choice for weight management and cardiovascular health. Milk also contains soluble fibre, which can help promote satiety and control appetite. It is also a good source of iron, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

To make talbina, add a tbsp of barley flour to 1 cup of warm whole or skim milk and stir on medium heat until it thickens to a porridge-like consistency. If desired, sweeten with honey or dates. Alternatively, blend the cooked talbina in a blender with milk, bananas, berries or fresh flax seed to make a smoothie. Drink at least a cup daily.

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