Hagerty Jewellery Polishing Cloth

A very useful cloth to have on hand, our jewellery polishing cloth gently cleans and removes tarnish whilst imparting a layer of tarnish resistant protection. It is impregnated with professional Jewellers Rouge (which gives it the red colouration) which also acts as a gentle abrasive to help polish away fine scratches from use. It is suitable for gold, silver, and all other precious metals as well as glass & enamel. It is usable on both sides and can be used over time, although we would advise against washing as this will strip the cleaners from the cloth, just replace when it becomes black in appearance which is normal due to the removal of tarnish. Karlea likes to keep hers in a zip-lock bag, this way it is ready to go when she needs it!

Our large size jewellery polishing cloth is a great value. It is made of soft, 100% woven cotton that has been impregnated with cleaning and anti-tarnish agents. It contains a mix of natural and synthetic cleaning components, including the very popular Jewellers Rouge. The cloth is safe for all jewelry and metals and will leave a beautiful sheen. It can also be used to remove fingerprints and body oils from your jewelry.

*Note: For heavily tarnished pieces, we recommend using our Priory polishing cloth before the gold polishing cloth. This removes heavy tarnish and helps to prevent future tarnish.

This convenient two piece Hagerty Jewelry Care Polishing Cloth cleans and prevents tarnish ten times longer than standard silver care cloths. The inner white cloth cleans, while the outer ultra-soft darker cloth buffs to a brilliant shine. It is a retail-ready product that can be custom imprinted with a message of your choice for special events, luncheons, charities and more. jewellery polishing cloth

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