Free Employment Law Advice

Free employment law advice is available for employees and employers facing issues related to work. These include sexual harassment, wage theft and discrimination. The laws that govern these areas are complex and there are a number of procedures an employee must follow to ensure their rights are protected. An experienced lawyer can help with these matters.

For workers in the United States, the Department of Labor’s E-laws offers interactive advisor tools that provide information about federal employment laws. These include the Fair Labor Standards Act, maternity and family leave, equal pay, workplace safety and more. The tools also provide helpful links to other resources, including the EEOC and state-specific agencies.

In England, Scotland and Wales, the Acas website provides information about HR processes and good practice. It includes information about the National Minimum Wage, payslips and wage deductions, holiday and absence, and sick, maternity, paternity and adoption leave. It also covers how to raise a grievance or complaint, disciplinary and dismissal procedures, and the employment tribunal process.

For those who are freelancers, it’s important to understand that they have very limited rights in the workplace. While some states, like California and New York, offer protections for them, the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm recommends getting guidance from a local attorney to understand how the law applies in your area. If you’re looking for an attorney, make sure to check their credentials using services such as Martindale Hubbell and your state’s bar association. Free employment law advice

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