Embroidery Apparel Can Build a Strong Local Presence

Embroidery apparel adds a professional look that communicates brand credibility and quality. It is why embroidered designs are featured on corporate and military uniforms to sell a brand and establish rank. It is also why embroidered apparel is so popular with sports teams and school staff. It creates a sense of community and belonging in the workplace and can help develop client loyalty. When clients see a uniform with your logo or markings, they immediately begin to trust you and recognize your firm. At International Minute Press, our embroidered clothing is the ideal solution for building a strong local presence.

The embroidery process can be time consuming, especially for larger orders with multiple colors and logos. We recommend that you leave plenty of time for your order, as embroidery takes longer than screen printing to complete. It also requires a lot of preparation, such as picking out thread and apparel, getting the artwork digitized and proofing mock-ups. The best embroidery results come from artwork that is simple, uses a single color, and does not have many details or gradients. Fonts that are decorated or have serifs may not run as cleanly, so it is often preferable to use sans-serif fonts.

When you choose the fabric to embroider on, opt for something that is not stretchy. It will be easier to stitch and will not shrink or warp with washing. It is also important to choose a needle that is long enough to make a resistant double sided stitch.

Colors are an important part of a design, but they can add to the cost of the embroidery. Unlike screen printing, which separates the colors into individual screens to layer them on garments, embroidery only charges for the amount of stitches used in a design. This can make it more affordable to do multi-color designs. It is important to keep in mind, however, that embroidered color can fade with repeated washing.

In addition to logos and artwork, embroidery can also be used to create tags and patches. Tags are small labels that are embroidered into strips of fabric to be affixed to clothing. These are often used as name tags in the workplace, and they can be easily moved if a new employee comes onboard. Patches are bigger pieces of embroidery that can be ironed or sewn onto a garment. They are typically used for logos and can be ironed on to hats, sweatshirts, or other clothing items.

Embroidery is a great choice for any company or organization looking to promote their brand with high-quality, durable apparel. It is the preferred method of clothing decoration over other forms of printing, such as direct to garment (DTG). The high-quality feel of embroidered clothing can help build client trust and encourage repeat business. Embroidery can be done in-house with a minimum order of just one item, or it can be outsourced for more complex projects. We have a wide range of embroidery options and can create custom patches, hats, polos, and more for your company or team. embroidery apparel

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