Designer Kitchens

Kitchen designers know how to make the most of your space and maximize functionality. A professional can help you create an efficient floorplan, plan lighting, and choose materials that complement your taste. They may also work with suppliers and contractors to ensure your renovation runs smoothly.

A good designer will be a creative collaborator who understands your needs, goals and tastes. They’ll ask lots of questions and provide guidance throughout the process, guiding your decisions and working with you to find solutions to problems. They’ll also have the skills to get everything on paper, calculating dimensions to the nearest 1/16th of an inch (for cabinets and soffits, vents, plumbing and electrical lines) and using computer software to visualize your new layout.

Look for a kitchen designer with a portfolio that matches your design style and project needs. Pay attention to the quality of photos, as well as any mentions in publications or “About Us” pages that can reveal a pro’s level of experience and polish.

In the modern kitchen, multifunctionality is a given, with appliances that can cook and clean, and worktops that transform into breakfast benches and seating areas. Designers often think outside the box too, with units that resemble wall paneling or shelves that blend into sitting room bookcases. Take a look at this example, from bespoke kitchen specialist Davonport, where burnished wire mesh cupboard doors and brass handles add a striking touch to the space. designer kitchens

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