Can Fenbendazole 222mg Capsules For Humans Kill Cancer?

Mounting research is showing that fenbendazole, most typically used as a deworming drug in veterinary medicine to treat gastrointestinal parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, lungworms and Giardiasis in animals, may also kill cancer. It does so by interfering with the microtubules that sustain cancer cells, killing them, and by boosting healthy p53 levels in the body. It can also overcome cancer drug resistance. It has a proven track record of safety in humans and is already being used as part of a’repurposed’ protocol for treating cancer by people known as the Joe Tippens Protocol.

The fenbendazole cancer protocol has been growing in popularity over the past year following some remarkable success stories. The most famous is the story of a man with Stage 4 small cell lung cancer who was told to expect only three months to live. He decided to try the Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol, which includes fenbendazole (also known as Panacur C) and various supplements. He is now cancer-free.

As a repurposed drug, fenbendazole is easy for doctors to prescribe and there is no real profit motive for pharmaceutical companies to invest the time and money needed to test it in human trials. Especially since the patent has expired, making it legal for anyone to manufacture and sell.

Those who have successfully treated their cancer with the fenbendazole cancer protocol report that it is very effective, even when used alone. However, it is often paired with other natural and organic chemotherapies like DCA or CBD oil to maximize the effects of both therapies. In addition, dietary supplements like curcumin and vitamin E are also recommended by many people to help raise healthy p53 levels in the body.

A fenbendazole cancer remission protocol should be taken every day for seven days. In order to ensure that you are getting the correct dosage of fenbendazole, you should only buy it from a reputable company like Panacur C or Safeguard. These products are regulated, and you can check their lab reports online. Additionally, you should only take a dose of the powder that is equal to one gram per day.

If you are interested in learning more about fenbendazole cancer treatment, I recommend that you subscribe to the Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol podcast. On each episode, the hosts interview a person who has successfully used fenbendazole to treat their own cancer. The episodes are very informative and uplifting. You can find the podcast on iTunes and Google Play. fenbendazole 222mg capsules for humans

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