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Berlin is also the home of 153 museums,

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 50 theatres and the Currywurst sausage – and yes you can drive a tank. It’s also relatively cheap and cheerful – As the Mayor of Berlin once said: “Berlin ist arm, aber sexy. (“Berlin is poor, but sexy”.)Evenings outThere are also a number of great places to get a beer in Berlin – the Absinth Depot being one. It stocks a number of absinth based drinks which can be treated with respect, or perhaps not. Staying nearby helps, hotel deals make that a cheap and excellent possibility.Another very German concept is the Winerei. Here you pay €1 to purchase a glass and then pay as much as you feel like after you’ve helped yourself. Badeschiff is also unique but for another reason – it’s a barge, turned into a nightclub that glows in the dark at night and then back to a swimming pool during the day.For a bit of the Avant-Garde try A-Trane, Berlin’s premier jazz club. Remember Berlin is home to a lot of progressive musical and artistic folds. A-Trane is a swanky, cool and in a way is Berlin personified.There seem to be an infinite number of pubs in Berlin; however these are some of the more interesting and the best. Holiday deals will save you the long walk home, so decide on where you wish to go and choose a hotel close by with OutBerlin is a revellers dream; the city is cool, affordable and amazingly diverse. It has clubs and bars that play everything from kraut rock to John Lennon to the Gorillaz and no one will look twice if you’re wearing an elephant on your ahead- – as they might be too.Havana club is a great place to start. It’s inspired by Berlin’s strong Latin contingent, Havana offers a lively good looking clientele more than willing to show their wares in a club environment. It’s situated near Wolfenstrasse.For those that want to have a more classy evening, initially anyway, Watergate is a sharp and stylish bar that overlooks the river. Possibly somewhere you should spend earlier more coherent and erudite hours.For those into the more bizarre side of Berlin, Kit Kat Club offers some thrills. Like any nightclub really but following the dress code is essential – Fetish gear, rubber, latex and all that malarkey.A Little Bit of HistoryIt would be a shame to have a completely lost weekend in Berlin and the city has some amazing museums and attractions as you only rightly know.One of the must see is the Reichstag, visit the home of the German Parliament and see where many of the decisions that shaped the western world occurred. The wall is also a must see, or its remnants anyhow – another landmark of change and of our time.Museum Island is also a wonderful attraction. It is an island area with five of the city’s most important museums on it. It was also made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 and is seen as one of the prettiest parts of Berlin due to its river side location and wonderful buildings, the last of which was built in 1930.The Olympistadion is also worth a visit, if joust to see the amazing magnitude of Nazi architecture and remember the Olympics of 193 and Jesse Owens’ heroics.TransportBerlin is also notoriously easy to get around. The mixture of the U-Bahn and the A-Bahn, alongside the comprehensive selection of trams, buses, ferries and taxis, ensures you won’t be stuck finding how to get to and from place to can’t help you with logistics unfortunately.If in a group purchase a Kleingruppenkarte to get from your hotel to wherever and back again. Entrümpelung Berlin

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