Are You Planning to Get Your Antique Watch Repaired?

No matter what type of watch you wear, you do require getting it serviced and cleaned. Watches are handy and hardy little things which are worn on the wrist but where ever you go, they go! As a result, hot sun, days on the beach, sweat and lots of other gunk get into the working mechanisms and casing. There are chances that the watch will just shut down and you will lose something you really value. Don’t let that happen by servicing your watch regularly every six months at an authorized service technician. You might worry that service technicians may not be able to repair valuable watches like a Seiko, Patek Philippe or even a Rolex. Keep these precautions in mind when you take your valuable time pieces to the watchmaker and you should be fine.

Photograph the inside casing and the outside casing of your watch properly before you give it up for repair. Most watches have watchmaker numbers drilled in to the case back to prevent any problems. Note down any serial numbers or engravings on the watch for later reference. High quality timepieces need custom made spare parts. If you note down serial numbers of time pieces, you can order your spare parts well in advance and prevent getting cheated by unscrupulous watchmakers. Do not send valuable watches to unauthorized watch repair sites or personnel. Make sure that your watch repair technician has a BBB rating or is atleast an accredited member of some horological organization.

Servicing frequency is also very important. Most watches have to serviced at least once in five years but that varies according the amount of use you put into your watch and the water resistance seal present on it.

ONCE A YEAR- Every vintage watch without a crown seal will require that you get a servicing done at least once a year to preserve working conditions of the watch.

EVERY 2 -3 YEARS- Most modern watches now have special crowns which seal in the internal workings and prevent leakages. For these watches servicing once in 2-3 years is fine.

ONCE IN 5 YEARS- Modern watches are manufactured to last for a long, long time. these watches have a seal and watchmakers number inscribed in to the back of the watch just for that reason. Watches which have these numbers are pressure sealed or water sealed for a specific reason. If the owner has preserved the condition of the original seal then nothing will happen to the internal workings of the watch for a long time. The only issue which is important is oiling as watches have small parts which do require lubrication. Do get these watches lubricated or oiled at least once a year but a servicing or cleaning is not required. local watch repair near me

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