A Stitch Sweatshirt With Stylised Character Artwork and Ribbed Trims

The v-insert is a little detail that appears on many sweatshirts. It’s a V-shaped panel of fabric stitched into the neck of the sweatshirt, and it serves two purposes. First, it allows the wearer to easily don the sweatshirt, as the ribbed insert can stretch to accommodate their head without losing shape. Second, the v-insert helps absorb sweat, especially in the chest area, which is a common point of perspiration.

A Stitch sweatshirt with stylised character artwork and ribbed trims.
If you’re a fan of the iconic Disney characters then this is sure to be your new favourite! Pair with your go-to joggers and crew socks to achieve that comfy, casual look.

This item is custom made for you, so the production time will fall outside of your selected shipping speed at checkout. This is due to the personalised embroidery.

About Taylor Stitch
Founded in 2007 by three friends, Taylor Stitch started out as a men’s custom shirt business. The company focuses on sustainable design and manufacturing practices and strives to have a minimal impact on the environment. It also prioritizes working with reputable manufacturers that practice ethical and fair labor policies. Taylor Stitch also offers a retail location in San Francisco where customers can schedule an appointment, get measured and select fabrics to create their perfect shirts all year round. Stitch sweatshirt

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